Cooperation in training "Industrial Management" - Ming Chi - Taiwan

On the morning of April 19, 2017, the Faculty of Project Management and the Faculty of Science, Technology and International Cooperation of the University of Science and Technology welcomed a delegation of professors from Ming Chi University - Taiwan, a meeting to discuss training cooperation. Create a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Management (2 + 1.5 + 1.0 years) and receive a dual-degree diploma.

The content discussed with the delegation of professors of Ming Chi University - Taiwan included:

+ University training: Associate level 2 degrees: 2 years of study at DUT + 1.5 years of study at MingChi and 1 year of internship at the Company.

+ Graduate training: introduce and select candidates for the Master of Industrial Management program.

Information about Ming Chi University - Taiwan.


Introduction video about Industrial Management created by Students.

A sharing about the learning environment of alumnus of Industrial Management Class of 2012 studying at MingChi.

- 29/9/2019-